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Little bit about us

The stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stones, it ended because they found a better way to do things.

A team of world renown engineers who are driven by innovation and the urge to create ground breaking products that are eco-friendly

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Our engineers work countless hours to build proprietary products that reduce harmful chemical discharge into the ocean and atmosphere.

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We love it and because we know that by investing our efforts now we can benefit the future generations to come.

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Cymatic Solutions was founded in 2017 with Rasmus Norling leading our water treatment technology.

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Cymatic solution about us
` Cymatic solution about us

A short history

Everyone deserves clean water; with the right technology, we all can have it.

  • Our technology was born out of the desire to be able to target and eradicate the Legionella bacteria.
  • Legionella is one of the toughest bacteria to control and kill.
  • Not only was our patent pending technology found to be successful in killing Legionella bacteria. During our research process, we found that we could use our frequencies and algorithms to target specific bacteria (such as an E-Coli) and eradicate that as well,Our customer test results consistently showed time and time again, all bacteria can be killed with our technology.
Cymatic solution - about

Team of Experts

Cymatic solution - Rasmus norling

Rasmus Norling

Founder & CEO-USA

Cymatic solution - mitch miller

Mitch Miller

Founder & SVP-Business Development

What Can Cymatic Solutions Do For You?